Television & New Media 
ASSIGNED FEMALE AT BIRTH  Makayla                                Lyralen Kaye                                        
GRIMM (3 episodes)                Lab Tech                                Clark Mathis, David Solomon
LEVERAGE                               Elaine Delacourt                    Dean Devlin
HAWAII                                   Officer Kalani                         Jeffrey Reiner
QUIET VICTORY                       Winona                                  Roy Campanella III
WATER MAN                                 Hospice Nurse                     Daniel Oyelowo
THIN SKIN                                    Michaela                              Charles Mudede
WOODSTOCK OR BUST                Sheila                                   Leslie Bloom
BIG PINK                                       Sage                                     Eva Moss
SCAPPER                                       Mom                                     Brady Hall
LEGEND OF TWO PATH                 Marasequo                           Harrison Engle
CHAPTER PERFECT                       Virginia Sweet                      Dan Brazda
SOLILOQUY                                   Virginia Wolf                        Stephen van Vurren
H2O IN GSO                                  The Professor                       Thom Cox
COPS ARE TOPS                            Officer Lanier                       Corporate Media Inc
Industrial Film
HEWLET PACKARD                      CEO                                      BestLight
RJ REYNOLDS                              Safety Officer                       In House
BANK OF AMERICA                      Security Specialist               In House
FIRST UNION                                  IT Specialist                       In House
OPS Fest                                        Othello, Petrucio, Polonius, Sir Toby, Falstaffe
MINEOLA TWINS                            Jim, Sarah                        Profile Theatre 
REDWOOD                                      Beverly                            Portland Center Stage
LET ME DOWN EASY                       Various                            Profile Theatre
WELL                                              Actor 3                             Profile Theatre
MEN ON BOATS                              Powell                              Third Rail Repertory 
SORDID LIVES                                LaVonda                           Fuse Theatre Ensemble
REMME’S RUN                                Bose                                Coho Theatre
IN THE RED & BROWN WATER       Aunt Elegua                     Portland Playhouse
MARCUS                                         Aunt Elegua, Shun            Portland Playhouse
HILLSBORO STORY                        Multiple roles                   Artists Repertory Theatre
GEM OF THE OCEAN                      Aunt Ester, Eli (US)            Portland Playhouse
SOAP ST. THEATRE                         Multiple roles                   Soap St. Theatre
NONE OF THE ABOVE                    Solo show                         Many Horses Productions
FACETS OF AFRICA                        Narrator                             IFCC
TWELFTH NIGHT                             Sebastian                         American Stage
STEPPED ON A TIN                        Multi characters                United Stage
OREGON LOTTERY                         Principal                            Brightwater Media
CHRISTIAN CHILDREN'S FUND      Spokesperson 4 yrs           Burford Co.,Advertising
SEARS                                            Principal                            Ogilvy and Mather
NC COLLEGE VISION                      Principal                            Pike Cassels
SHOE WORLD                                Principal                            Stone Soup
Voice Over
CHRISTIAN CHILDREN'S FUND   Spokesperson                    Burford Co., Advertising
HABITAT FOR HUMANITY               Announcer                          Stone Soup
NORTHGATE MALL                          Customer                            Myriad Media
Special Skills:
Basketball Player, Bobcat front loader, Bulldozer, Chain saw, Golfer, Horseback Rider, Improv, Motorcyclist, Stage Combat, Original/Parody 5 minute songs
Professional Training/Education:
North Carolina School of the Arts            BFA
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Paul Sills Improvisation Workshops
Arena Stage Acting Workshops

2008-now     Standardized Patient                    Portland OR  
               Simulating cases for medical, nursing, & other provider schools  
               Oregon Health Sciences University   
               University of Portland   
               University of Western States  
2011-now     Gynecological Teaching Associate/Trainer  Portland OR  
               Teaching pelvic exams & training teaching associates   
2014-2019 Prestige Limousines                    Portland OR  
               Driving high-end clients  
2014      Golden Chariot Specialty Transportation Vancouver WA  
               Driving wheelchair-bound clients to appointments  
2014      Luggage Services and Logistics          Portland OR  
               Contract driver delivering airlines lost luggage to passengers  
2005-Present     Touring solo show, "None of the Above"  
Hawaii, North Carolina, New York City, Pennsylvania, Maine, Washington DC,  
Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington   
Millersville University: Millersville PA  
North Carolina School of the Arts: Winston-Salem NC  
University of Colorado: Boulder CO  
Nov 2013-Feb 2014.    
Seasonal Customer Service Representative   
2002-Present Emcee for numerous events including Oregon Coast Pride, NW Pride (Portland OR), Boulder Pride (CO), Asheville Pride (NC), Butch Voices, Super Queer events, Clark College (Vancouver WA), Millersville University (PA).  
1996-2007 North Carolina School of the Arts Winston-Salem, NC  
Guest Artist for the School of Drama's Pre-Professional Program                 
Conducting workshops in theatre games  
Coaching students in audition techniques and scene study  
Acting in student projects to serve as a model of a professional actor  
Accompanying and coaching students at Audition Consortiums in New York City and Chicago  
1995-2007  North Carolina Smart Start Enrichment Program  
Performing shows for three- to five-year-olds based in African American and American Indian folk tales with the United Stage  
September 2004 North Carolina School of the Arts  
Keynote Speaker for Convocation Exercises   
2004, 2005 Arts Based Elementary School           Winston-Salem, NC  
Conducting workshops in theatre games  
Performing shows for the entire school body, K-5  
2004-now Gender-Bender Acting           Hawaii, Oregon, North  
Taught workshops in character building for actors interested in gender-switching roles  
August 2003-May 2004      The Parker School     Waimea, HI  
Taught daily drama classes for sixth, seventh, and eighth grades and for the high school.  
Directed four student productions  
Created two "inform-ances"  
Assisted other faculty with student presentations for Shakespeare, Poetry,  
Creative Writing, Black History Month, Thanksgiving   
2003, 2004      Wyld Wimmin's Weekend          Sea View, HI  
Emcee for weekend of music, poetry, comedy  
July-October 2002     North Carolina Women's Correctional Center  
Speaker on Personal Achievement    
Conducted theatre workshops for inmates   
Directed inmates in production of "Doing More Than Time"  
2000-2002 North Carolina School of the Arts  
Summer School Faculty  
Teaching acting  
Teaching introduction to improvisation  
1999-2002  Performed with United Stage in Libraries throughout North  
2000, 2001 Millersville University Millersville, Pennsylvania  
Summer Honors Program  
Conducted workshops for high school juniors in team building, personal achievement, and improvisation  
November 2000  Smithsonian Institution's Discovery Theatre  
Performed show, "Brer Rabbit Meets Coyote"1998, 1999, 2000     North  
Carolina Thespian Festival  
Conducted workshops in improvisation and acting  
1995-1998      A+ Schools Summer Institutes      North Carolina  
Founding Fellow  
Conducted workshops for K-12 teachers on integrating drama into the curriculum Conducted workshops for teacher assistants in creating "Learning preparation" modules  
1997, 1998 First Night: South Orange, New Jersey Performed shows for New Year's celebration  
January 1996      Project Impact South Orange, New Jersey  
Touring shows in schools throughout New Jersey and Upstate New York with  
United Stage  
1984-86 Balloons and Tunes  Delivered singing telegrams  
     Bachelor of Fine Arts         North Carolina School of the Arts  
University of North Carolina  
Inducted into the Order of the Golden Fleece Honorary Society  ASSOCIATIONS  
2011       Joined AFTRA  
2004       Joined Screen Actors Guild            
1986       Joined Actor's Equity Association  
FILMOGRAPHY (see acting resume) IMDB: Jennifer Lanier  
THEATRE (see acting resume)