This is NOT us

I was heading into a grocery store and I saw a young woman come running out with a small bunch of groceries in her arms. The clerk was running after her and a passerby grabbed her and stopped her, hollering, “get a job!”  

The young woman let go of the groceries, grabbed her bike to takeoff. She said “I’m just hungry y’all.” I turned to the clerk as he was walking back in the store with the groceries and asked “can I just buy those please and give them to her? I’ll pay for it don’t worry about it.” He said , “It’s too late for that. She steals. It’s not worth your time.”  

I went over to the young woman and said “I’m sorry I don’t have any cash on me. Do you have any where I can shoot some money to you?” She said “no it’s OK I’m just hungry.” I said “Cool. I’ll buy you some stuff and bring it to you.” She looked at me and said “I’m OK.” And she got on the bike and took off.  

What are we becoming? “Get a job!” Really?! I have three jobs and no work. I don’t see myself stealing. Yet. But really, what kind of people are we becoming?